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Jupiter Energy Solutions Ltd (JESL) was founded 42 years ago by the current Managing Director Mr. Joseph Kigara as an electrical installation company with the name Jupiter Electrical and General Contractors Ltd. Over the years, the company has grown from a single company into an intelligent electrical and solar design and implementation services company with a professional approach to its working that emphasizes the value of electrical and solar design to its clientele.
It currently has 70 highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of Electrical, solar installation and management of the company. It operates in the field of General Low Voltage electrical and solar Installations for general buildings, office blocks, commercial flats, residential and General High Voltage electrical and solar Factory Installations. The company also operates in the Sub stations and transformers installation.

Managing Director - Jupiter Energy Solutions

To achieve excellence in our diversified services through innovative and new age solutions by embracing employees’ talent and creating a conducive environment to promote stakeholder growth.


A Competent Client Value-adding Company.


We are guided by several values that define who we are and what we do: Professionalism, Integrity, Corporate Social Responsibility, Team Spirit, Task Oriented.

Not Just Average Energy Solutions Company, We Make Beautiful Things